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Between 10—60 people in each city may make it to Hollywood[ citation needed ]. During the finals, viewers were given a five-minute window to vote for the contestants in danger of elimination by using their Twitter account to decide which contestant will move on to the next show, starting with the Top 8.

Adedapo was eliminated on March 31, coming in 10th with Thia Megia. After making it through the nationwide audition process, the contestant pool is narrowed through a series of elimination rounds.

But this pattern happens each season because country-western music fans are well-networked and they tell each other when to vote and what number to use for text-message voting, based on information that comes from the fewer number of country-western-music fans who watch the show.

The first was a brief audition with a few other contestants in front of selectors which may include one of the show's producers.

TV Ratings: ‘American Idol’ Rebounds From Series Low

Rewards for winner and finalists[ edit ] The winner received a record deal with a major label, which may be for up to six albums, [46] [47] and secures a management contract with American Idol-affiliated 19 Management which has the right of first refusal to sign all contestantsas well as various lucrative contracts.

The fourth-most popular singer is Jurnee. The season reaches its climax in a two-hour results finale show, where the winner of the season is revealed. These judges included Victoria Beckham, Mary J. These seasons also featured a wildcard round, where contestants who failed to qualify were given another chance.

Proving that success on the show was not necessarily a prerequisite to success in show business, Jennifer Hudson was voted off in season three but went on to win an Academy Award for her performance in Dreamgirlsand Chris Daughtry, a finalist in season five, scored multiplatinum success with his hard rock band Daughtry.

Before American Idol, he worked as a spa concierge. What we do know from the single-mark ballots taking into account that the non-winning candidates would have gotten more votes if they had not dropped out before the election was over is that roughly around 70 percent of the Republican.

In the second and third seasons, contestants were also asked to write original lyrics or melody in an additional round after the first round. He survived a near-fatal car accident in being hit by a drunk driver.

The men and women sang separately on consecutive nights, and the bottom two in each groups were eliminated each week until only six of each remained to form the top twelve. But if voters had been able to fully rank all the candidates, then pairwise comparisons could have been done, and those pairwise comparisons would have correctly revealed who was actually most popular.

He got the one judges' save of the season on the Top 11 show.

TV Ratings: ‘American Idol’ Rebounds From Series Low

Reinhart was eliminated on May 19, coming in 3rd place. As a clarification, after most of the above votes were cast, social media focused attention on comments from Gabby, and about Gabby, regarding her personality when the cameras were not on her. Judges[ edit ] The show had originally planned on having four judges following the Pop Idol format; however, only three judges had been found by the time of the audition round in the first season, namely Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Jones was chosen by the judges as one of the Wild Card finalists.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Now let's hope the show hires a second sound engineer, because we really do want to hear the contestants sing, and we really need to hear what Ryan announces.

As the field of candidates narrowed, the show became a more-stylized showcase for talented contestants. By season four, American Idol had become the most watched series amongst all viewers on American TV for the first time, with an average viewership of million.

American Idol

The show reached its peak in season five with numbers averaging million per episode, and season five Original network: Fox (–), ABC (–present). It's official: American Idol is coming back, and the long-running musical competition program has finally filled up its judge's show aired its 15th and final season on Fox inand.

Sunday’s episode of “American Idol” bounced back from the all-time low the singing competition series hit last week. Airing on ABC at 8 p.m., “American Idol” averaged a rating in. Jan 22,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about FOX Network's American Idol show. See also Canadian Idol, Pop Idol, Australian Idol and Nashville Star. About American Idol. This show is a talent search contest that mimics the British show "Pop Idol".Viewers vote each week to decide which two singing performers to advance to the next round.

A former American Idol winner has claimed that he was told who would be eliminated every week before it was announced. Taylor Hicks, who won the reality series back insaid in an interview.

Tv show american idol
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