Sage francis threewrite albumkings

I just let you cut you, cut me. You can find me hiding these screams behind my eyelids; she blinded me she blinded me with silence. Damn, I love the hugs enough to tolerate, the way we made each other crazy, making it so tough to operate productively.

Hold your laughs till I go back to the tunnels of Paris where I wrote half of these paragraphs When I got kicked out, I played the faithful puppy dog; loyal to the love I lost, sitting at your fucking door in utter disbelief.

Just be careful when these doolies play like drums, and be careful what you say, because my uzi weighs a tongue. To get it over and done with, closure hath cometh; shoulders have plummeted from holding these buckets.

Infatuations with the past protect my Purple Heart with a faded picture I had in my shirt pocket. And this is to the divorce I was forced to settle with, and the remorse I fought off with metal fists. So that began my affair with the world abroad; behind the curtain with the other hurtful girls I explored, until I became the monster, turned into the words that I record.

This is to the sleepless evenings that I spent next to gravestones; hoping someone from beyond would grab my arm and take me home. In the first four years, you were all ears; then for the next six, you left me for the next ex and went def to my message.

So my airmail lips blew her a farewell kiss; slinking over the sink, where all the hair gel drips. And this is to the love that I lost, and all the troubling thoughts of how I got double-crossed.

This is to the memory of our early years, the first girl I shared feelings with. Love is a battlefield, so lick your shots quick, while I lick my wounds and then resume as an obvious target. And this is to the wet, watery kiss I left you with on your porch as I watched your trembling lips.

Sage Francis

The crybaby dolls, when we were allowed to talk again, I stopped accepting break-up calls — that ring true. I sucked all of the skin off of my teeth; you pulled away, and let me choke on your invisible leash.

Still Sickly Business

His compromise, eyeing the side of the kitchen sink, what did you think?. Stuck Lyrics: You act smart, while I act dumb / But I know some that still lay under my thumb / See, we've got issues / So we swing our fists full / Whatever, tryna keep the temper down to the.

May 25,  · Sage Francis - Escape Artist Epitaph Records. Loading Unsubscribe from Epitaph Records? Sage Francis ft. Saul Williams - "Sea Lion" Long Version -. Viewing sage francis guitar tabs - guitar pro - bass tabs - drum tabs - pdf tabs - guitar chords & lyrics @ Threewrite by Sage Francis free mp3 lyrics download.

Threewrite by Sage Francis Mp3 Download Lyrics Album Song Free

Find and download the latest lyrics and mp3 songs. This is to the (uh-uh) intertwined souls / The hands i've been trying to hold / This is to the (uh-uh) love that i lost / And all the troubling thoughts of how i. Sage Francis - Still Sickly Business - CD - audio, tracklist, street date, cover art, producers at UGHH.

Sage francis threewrite albumkings
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