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Mary Archerthe peer's wife, was a non-executive director of Anglia Television at the time. While he was a witness in the Aquablast case in Toronto inArcher was accused of stealing three suits from a department store. He goes abroad to write the first draft, working in blocks of two hours at a time, then writes anything up to 17 drafts in total.

Also questions arise in the article, that as it is accepted that Mary did not tell her husband about the bid, how much information has found out without her knowledge.

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However, his wife Mary Archer was a director of the company at the time, which raised the prospect of insider dealing. In July Lord Archer was told that no insider trading charges would be brought - but his lawyers admitted he had made a mistake.

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Jeffery Archer is accused of insider trading with the shares of Anglia TV. Jeffery bought shares for the "inside information" of the companies dealing account, the day after the last board meeting but before the bid was announced.

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Insider trading jeffery archer
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