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She brings this key business understanding to Eohippus, LLC and handles all accounting and billing needs for the company. Sellers are encouraged to provide updates as frequently as possible. Amber's Classics minor pursuit included a year studying the Ancient Greek language and translating the works of Socrates, Plato, and the great greek dramatists.

Aslin notes that if she posts too many times a day, or posts too much content too close together, the reach of her posts seems to drop off. She also uses a short URL service, bit.

By paying attention to these words of wisdom, as well as to detail at every step of the marketing process, The Exchange has managed to build a successful brand, one the horse community has come to rely upon.

Inthe Sale Program program has taken off, with 10 different sales barns listed, including one in Germany and one in France. Through a combination of knowledge of the marketplace, on-the-job training, perseverance, and listening to what the market was telling her, The Exchange has successfully begun to fill that void.

Aslin has found that focusing solely on Likes is not sufficient. Aslin continually reviews the design of the Web site with an eye to making it the most effective marketing tool possible. While the organic follower growth for a small, local shop based in the South Wales valleys is enough to shout about alone, the fact that this was achieved without a website or e-commerce presence is even more incredible.

In response, she created an organized, professional process for preparing online horse sale advertisements. Our background in web development allows for quick adaptation to these ever-changing needs, and ExchangeHunterJumper.

We needed the awareness to include our knowledge base, range of products and just as importantly our family friendly personality and attitude. The able folks at Able Engine are responsible for the site's nifty new bells and whistles, while design and layout were conceived and produced in-house by The Exchange.

Sellers currently fill out two separate forms: The Exchange specializes strictly in hunter-jumper show horses, and specifically those suited for high-level competition.

For instance, The Exchange runs multiple RSS feeds through the free service, FeedBurner, although thus far, the equestrian set does not appear to be particularly interested in RSS feed subscriptions.

This find includes two human femora radiocarbon dated to 13, BP, potentially making them the oldest homo-sapien remains in North America pre-clovis. The Exchange now has over 11, fans on Facebook. One thing immediately sprung to mind — or rather, four things: Aslin has found it has been extremely helpful to have the Web development experience she has honed over the years.

The Exchange handles advertising for sellers and trainers across the country. A charred pit of mouse bones Peromyscus Nesodytes found nearby, and what they revealed about the human environment at that time, was the focus of Amber's work.

Aslin designed the Sale Barn as an affordable option for professionals who might otherwise be reluctant to spend on marketing. What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not.

Best Practice Guide One of the biggest challenges many brands face is creating content for their social media activities. While she knew what professional horsemen needed, she did not know how to translate that into graphic design or onto the Web.

Although Aslin doubts that many of these followers are actual buyers or sellers at this time, she notes that in the future they probably will be. Aslin understood that her business plan needed to be a living document, evolving over time based on what the market was telling her. This saves some production time, although writing the actual copy is still a major part of the value that The Exchange provides.

With this in mind, Receptional adopted a 3 tiered approach: In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand. The initial business plan process involved strict screening, and it meant turning away money and valuing quality over quantity in every area—horses, buyers, traffic, and ads.

The fact sheet includes a long series of checkboxes from which sellers select preworded traits, coupled with space for additional written descriptions. Here are some of her words of wisdom: These reports were filled with relevant social media metrics and weekly recommendations based on the data we complied on a weekly basis for 6 months.

The recession caused prices to fall significantly, but the prices in certain parts of the market have rebounded. Aslin notes that when she began The Exchange, social media was not yet the phenomenon that it is today, but when its significance started to became apparent, she had no choice but to jump in and begin using it, learning as she went.

Aslin believes the ability to get to know the market and update the site accordingly has kept The Exchange fresh and innovative. Dagny Amber Aslin studies Peromyscus Nesodytes. Today The Exchange is a dominant force in the equine marketplace, with an unmatched reputation for quality.

She competed across the midwest as a junior, showed as an amateur while attending the University of Southern California, and turned professional in Barn owner, horse show mom, training client, equine buyer and equine seller.

How did Aslin break through and develop a site that works for professionals buying and selling alike?. Featured College Case Study. has been featured as an ongoing, yearly updated case study in the college-level text E-Commerce: Business.

Society. Technology since Published in multiple languages and recognized as a market leader in e-commerce studies, this text explores our unique marketing strategies through six.

Case Study-Building a Brand with Social Marketing

Case Study-Building a Brand with Social Marketing Read the Case Study at the end of Chapter 7: Building a Brand with Social Marketing, and respond to the following in a detailed manner (the paper should be no less than one page).

ELEVENTH EDITION Kenneth C. Laudon • Carol Guercio Traver. continued from front inside cover CHAPTER 7 SOCIAL, MOBILE, AND LOCAL MARKETING Case Study: Building a Brand with Social Marketing CHAPTER 8 ETHICS, LAW, AND E.

Case Study: Can’t afford a website? Build your Brand with Social Media

Building a Brand: No description Opportunities Horse professionals need a high-quality, reliable source of mounts Having little time to search the market Lacking a good grasp of modern technology Case Study Question Personalization The Exchange.

Where serious buyers and sellers meet. Dec 06,  · Francois Turner, Eduardo Trigos, Moritz Weiss ICN Business School, Nancy, France. The concluding case Building a Brand with Social Marketing provides an interesting example of how a small business in an arcane area of commerce built a brand name for itself on the Internet.

Case Study Questions. 1. Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. supporting case study material, and.

Case study exchangehunterjumper
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